Saturday, March 7, 2009

First night

Emma and I spent our first night in our new home. Pete is on a weekend trip downstate to Warren for a fly fishing meet up and Libby is in Cadillac at Shelley and Frank Youngman's Doggie Bed and Biscuit so we had the place to ourselves. Our friends Jean Cotton, Jane Henry and Marcie Cox came over for dinner, one that Jean had provided, and we celebrated the first of what we hope will be many many happy hours in our new abode.

Unpacking is underway, going well, only a few unhappy surprises so far. There are a couple of uncluttered, calm spaces along with stacks of boxes to be opened and stacks of boxes already done. Here is a look at what we see this morning.


Magas said...

Wow. I am really astonished at the beauty of this place! Congrats on your first night!

granpa said...

The house looks lovely. I've been following the progress for months but just now figured out how to do the post. Congrats to you two on your new home.

edd goodson