Saturday, November 15, 2008


The kitchen, looking towards the pantry. The flooring was installed on Thursday. It is beech wood from trees in the eastern part of the upper peninsula; there is a blight killing the beech trees so the trees are being cut before they die. Monday this area of the flooring will be sanded and a first coat of finish applied before the kitchen cabinets and the island are installed.

No more concerns about the basement being dark or uninviting. This is late afternoon with light coming in through three high windows. With the radiant heating in the floor and plenty of daylight as well as good lighting for the evening it promises to be a pleasant space.

Coming up this week: a test run on the fireplace, tile installation in the bathrooms and mudroom floor, wood flooring for the remainder of the first and second floors, kitchen cabinets installed, and if the exterior trim and siding get finished work can start on interior trim and bookshelves. Lots to look forward to.

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