Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catching up

Looking east through the dining room windows, insulation with a vapor barrier and then the drywall.

Looking west at the fireplace in the living room.

Inspections went well for electrical, plumbing and framing. The walls have been insulated with great care, blown in cellulose, foam, and some insulation batting around windows, it was a far more detailed process than I had imagined; it took five men just over a week to complete the work.

When we first started the building project we were interested in doing a geothermal heating system. We got an estimate of $53,000.00 for said system, and found during excavation for the septic system that the soil is almost all sand,with just a few thin layers of clay, not an ideal situation for geothermal. Since we also wanted to have air conditioning we knew we would have a forced air system as well so the geothermal idea was replaced by Craig's proposal that we concentrate on building a truly well insulated house.

We have an efficient boiler for the hot water and radiant heating system for the basement, a Bryant heat pump for heating and air conditioning for the first and second floor and lots of insulation. The fireplace has a Napolean fire place insert that will burn 30" logs. We will not have cold winds whistling through our house.

The drywall crew has been on the job for a week now, the first and second floors are pretty much complete, the garage and Pete's workshop are complete including a paint job, and the basement will be done this week.

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