Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are out of the ground

The basement is finished and on Monday the carpenters and some lumber will be on site. Last Friday the masons put in the footings for the garage and workshop and the four porches, one south facing screened porch and three entry porches.

The bracing shown in the photograph serves to keep the basement walls stable until the flooring is in for the first floor, then the excavators will return and backfill up to the level of the decorative cinder blocks. The drain field for the septic tank will be in the works this week also. We are told there is currently a three week wait for inspection of drain fields, everyone starts construction at once here when the load restrictions are lifted and that can mean some delay in inspections.

Tuesday the footings will be inspected and once approved the masons will return to finish the porches and the garage.

When I took the picture today, Sunday June 29th, it was 53 degrees and raining; after forty or so Texas summers this is fine with me.

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